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Business Planning

What does Business Planning mean to you?


Is it something you try and fit in when you have some free time from running the day to day elements of your business?


Is it a set of ambitious revenue targets you'd lke to meet but without quite knowing how?


Or is it a formal process that you timetable every year to take place well ahead of your new financial year and which includes the following:


A set of revenue and profit targets for the next two to three years


A road map that tells you how you could meet the revenue target and what sales and marketing resource you'd need to devote to this


A review of your current operational strengths and weaknesses and a frank assessment of what adiditonal resource you'd need to put in place to service your existing business properly as well as delighting your new customers


A review of your offices, IT infrastructure and communications to support your business development and operations teams, including a capital investment plan


A review of your HR processes


A plan for training your staff


An assessment of how you will comply with legislation on health and safety and the environment


A business continuity plan


A projection of cashflow, profit and loss, and balance sheet to check it all adds up


A set of Key Performance Indicators to measure progress at your Board Meetings


At SMA we can organsie a workshop for you and your senior team to help you gather together the elements you'll need for a proper business plan. Then, using a simple template, we can help you flesh out the detail.

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Business Planning

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