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Client Retention

Do either of the following happen in your business?


You suffer from 'Leaky Bucket Syndrome'? Customers are dropping out the bottom of your business as fast as you are putting new ones in at the top. Your turnover flatlines.


Customers whom you thought were loyal suddenly turn around and tell you the service has never really been up to scratch. As a result you lose the contract at retender stage.








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The chances are it has something to do with the amount of time spent tending to existing customers' needs whilst also chasing new ones. A common scenario is to find yourself desperately trying to repair a broken relationship in the last few weeks or months before the contract is due to expire.


Unfortunately, customer retention doesn't happen overnight or at the click of a button. A retention plan needs to follow a strict timeline and become a mindset that's hardwired into all your staff.


SMA will help you draw up a plan for key clients that boosts your chances of retaining their business and sets your annual revenues on an upward path.