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ISO Certifications

Do you sometimes find it hard to get through the early stages of a tender process because you don't have the necessary certifications?

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If your business relies on the public sector for contracts, you may find that without the right certifications it is hard to qualify for tender lists. This is hardly surprising when there are often forty or more companies applying for inclusion.

Gaining certification to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) or ISO45001 (Health and Safety) can be time consuming.


In the long run, however, not only do certifications help you improve the internal management of your company, they are the short-cut to acceptance on tender lists with most public sector bodies. They also go down well with procurement managers of a growing number of private sector organisations who need reassurance that their suppliers meet certain minimum standards.

At SMA we can help you gain these certifications by reviewing your existing management systems, proposing new, compliant procedures and writing you a management system that will achieve the relevant certification.

We are an Approved Partner with NQA, a leading UKAS certification body, but we work with all UKAS assessors and will obtain competitive quotes for all certification projects.