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So where do you sit on the marketing scale?


1. We don’t know where to start!


Don’t worry. SMA can offer you a practical, fast route to differentiating your offer and raising your profile that will not cost you the earth.


We'll meet you to find out what makes your company tick, what your customers and staff like about you and what makes you different.


We'll distil the answers into a series of memorable features and benefits that will differentiate your offer from your competitors. These will be crystallised further into a 'brand essence', a few words that sum up your philosophy or DNA. We'll devise a strapline for you that people will remember.


Then we'll look at your marketing material, including your website and proposal documents and suggest how you could change your 'look and feel' to project your company's image and values in the market place better - a brand review.


Finally, we will plan a programme of communications, using website, email, publicity, or more traditional media, to raise your profile and keep your company front of mind with your potential customers.


2. We know what makes us different, but need help in bringing it to life in our



In that case we’ll help you distil your brand essence, design new marketing materials for you and recommend a campaign to get your message out to your target customers.


3. We’re happy with the look and feel of our website and marketing material.


Great, you’re ready to promote yourselves! SMA will design a coordinated plan of communications to project your brand and unique selling points to your target audience.


Whether you choose to use some or all of these services is up to you. We realise you might want to take things step by step. Call us to chat through how we can best support your plans.


Check out these case sudies to see how proactive marketing has helped two clients




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Why worry about marketing? The answer is because few successful companies prosper without a marketing strategy and cleaning companies are no different.


A clear marketing strategy can also give a huge boost to your sales team in their efforts to win new business. Why not start with this 9-point review of your position in the market:


1. What client sectors do we specialise in – for example schools, social housing, daily office

   cleaning, medical centres?

2. What are the limits of our trading area, i.e. where can we deliver an effective service?

3. Taken together, do the above offer a sufficient volume of opportunities, given our usual

   tender conversion rate?

4. Who are our competitors? What are they doing and what differentiates us from them?

5. Are there some specialist services that our target customers need, in which we could

   develop a particular expertise?

6. How will we price our service to compete whilst still making a profit?

7. How should we position ourselves in our market – most environmentally friendly, most

   responsive, widest range of services?

8. How will we communicate our offer to the market?

9. What communication channels should we use to reach different types of customers?


If you are seeing little growth in revenue or profit from one year to the next, could it be that you offer a very similar service to your competitors, with nothing to differentiate you from them?


As a result, does everything seem to come down to price? Recent independent research suggests this needn’t be the case. 42% of clients now think that the quality of service, as manifested by a clean and healthy working environment is now the most important factor in a cleaning contract.

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