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Case Study and Testimonial

Case Study – Nviro 


The challenge


Nviro is a contract cleaning company based in Portsmouth with a turnover of circa £16m pa and an excellent reputation for delivering quality services and retaining clients. For several years Nviro operated under the banner 'Nviro Contract Cleaning Specialists', but in the highly competitive contract cleaning market, Nviro's board of directors were concerned that this description gave Nviro little stand out and did nothing to explain the differences at operational level between Nviro and its competitors. As a result the board commissioned a full review of the company's market positoning and branding so as to differentiate it in both the private and public sector markets.


The implementation


The project started with research carried out amongst existing clients, staff and prospective clients to establish what Nviro stood for in the world of contract cleaning and to distil the way Nviro worked into a series of key attributes (physical aspects of the cleaning operation delivered) and client benefits provided (the softer aspects of the company's approach to working with clients such as an ethical approach to staff, honesty and transparency in dealing with clients and a respect for the environment). At the centre was Nviro's essence - Integrity.


The research was then funnelled into a new logo and strapline design that was thought to best sum up in shorthand what Nviro stood for. The reult was the strapline "Nviro - Cleaning with a Conscience". The new branding was then rolled out across the entire company and a full day's staff conference organised to ensure that everyone understood how the new brand had been created and what it stood for.


What the company said

"Stephen helped elevate the standards of marketing,including a major rebranding at Nviro, that in turn positively contributed to the creation of a series of first class brands throughout the (Quarr) Group."  Chirs Howells, Chairman - The Quarr Group (Nviro parent company





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Case Study & Testimonials

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