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Sales Development


Once you've improved your customer offer and are presenting the right image to the market, you'll want to start speaking to some customers. But what if they aren't all calling you to buy your products and services? Even if you've got your marketing right, sales don't always just happen.


So how do you to get in touch with your prospects, and how are you going to manage your sales pipeline once you've found out where your prospects are and how to contact them?


What can we do for you?


SMA can help you set up the processes you need to generate a steady flow of new business opportunities. We will:

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With the right marketing strategy and an efficient lead generation system, you are now well on the way to attracting profitable new business!


Have a look at a recent project we undertook to set up a sales and marketing system for a £2m pa cleaning contractor who had nothing in place.

Recommend a database or contact management system to manage your prospects


Suggest how to go about purchasing the right lists of prospects in your marketplace to grow your prospect pool and how to make sure you get up to date contact information about them


Help you develop a cost effective and time efficient way of keeping in touch with your database by email that lets your prospects know you're there and reinforces your brand image in the process


Propose a reporting system that will allow you to monitor the performance of your sales team against target and assess the quality of your pipeline

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Sales Development

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