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Case Study and Testimonial

Case Study – Templa Computer Systems


The challenge


Templa Computer Systems is a long-established software developer that has offered software solutions to clients in a variety of industries for over 30 years. Until 2012 all products had been marketed using the parent company branding.


In 2010 Templa began developing a revolutionary integrated software application for cleaning contractors - TemplaCMS.  By April 2012 the client felt that it was time to launch the product under its own brand and commissioned SMA to create a new brand identity for TemplaCMS supported by a communications plan to penetrate the cleaning market.


The response


After spending time with Templa to understand the product and its competitors, SMA designed a new logo, strapline and colour palette to convey the brand’s personality and position the product in the market away from its competition. This was followed by a full suite of branded marketing material including exhibition stands, sales folders, press adverts and a new website. The next step was to write detailed copy for a set of product data sheets and case studies before going on to create a series of press releases and editorials for submission to the cleaning media. Finally, SMA have taken on the management and copywriting of Templa’s monthly email marketing programme.


What our client said – the benefits


“SMA took our brief and then went to great lengths to understand our product. We were delighted with the new branding and impressed with how they teased out the features and benefits of a complex product and translated them into a language that our target clients would understand. Their detailed knowledge of the cleaning industry has been an undoubted factor in the success of our campaigns and their involvement has directly helped us to increase our rate of new client recruitment.Rick Stoor, Managing Director – Templa Computer Systems




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Case Study & Testimonials

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