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Tender Management

All public sector contracts, and the majority of those in the private sector, require companies to complete either one or two documents as part of the bidding process to supply a product or service. These are the PQQ (Prequalification Questionnaire) and the Tender document itself.


Many companies who find these a nightmare to complete. In fact they often don't know where to start. And it's hardly surprising as the PQQs on their own can be forty or fifty pages long! Sometimes the tender document is actually the easier of the two.


Read our recent article in Tomorrow's Cleaning about tender management.

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Tender Management

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What can we do for you?


At SMA we have several years experience of completing  PQQs and are familiar with public sector language. We will complete the PQQ for you and review the essential documents needed to accompany the PQQ, such as company policies that demonstrate compliance in health and safety, equality and diversity, or the environment.


When it comes to tenders, we will either write the tender for you, or give you advice on the tender writing process, including the preparation required to make sure your supporting documents are in place and available in time for the deadline. We will show you the best way of answering questions so as to highlight client benefits rather than your company's features, develop winning themes, format your document attractively and ensure the use of correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.


Once we've written one tender for you, you can of course use the material for your next bid, so as a one-off exercise, asking us to write a tender can bring longer term benefits.


As experienced cleaning industry practitioners, we can also cost the contract for you if you so wish. We will cost the site based element and discuss with you the on-costs and margins.


We will also design presentations and coach you on alternative methods of presenting. You do not need to subject your client to 'death by powerpoint'.


You can see we've been helping our clients tender for the cleaning at some well-known (and less well-known) organisations.

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